Biblical Authority Power Point

A Power Point driven session that discusses the meaning of inspiration and inerrancy. Also discusses basics of canonization. Enjoy and feel free to tweak to suit your group needs.

Christian with Good Reason

A reference booklet based on Geisler’s 12 Points that Show Christianity is True. If printed out as a booklet, will fit right in the back of your Bible! Covers all the major points from existence of truth, God, and miracles to reliability of Scriptures, evidences for Jesus’ claim to be God, and for His resurrection. Print out entire booklet. Then turn every other page upside down and click print front/back. Fold in half and you have a booklet!

Christian with Good Reason 

If you cannot print the booklet, here is the information in regular layout.

14 Reasons for Assurance of Salvation

Tricia adapted a seminary course outline for a Sunday School lesson to build confidence in believers regarding their eternal security.

Passion for Purpose: 365 Daily Devotions for Missional Living

Sample devotional by Tricia Scribner from the book. This wonderful book focuses on missional areas of a woman’s life including spirituality, scripture study, worldview, relationships, and ministry that help her live on mission with Christ. Tricia contributed many devotionals, and especially enjoyed writing the worldview devotionals. Purchase through Impact Apologetics.