Tricia Scribner is an evangelical Christian author and speaker who specializes in apologetics—explaining good reasons for believing Christianity is true—as well as mentoring and women’s ministry topics. Here you’ll find  resources on issues ranging from mentoring, devotional and Bible study, biblical unity in women’s church groups and across generations, and Tricia’s favorite topics, issues related to defending the reasonable evidence for Christianity, including worldviews, world religions, evolution, and trustworthiness of the Bible (find a free downloadable booklet on evidences for the Christian Faith called Christian with Good Reason under Apologetics. More apologetics material to come). Tricia is the wife of Randy for 34 years, mother of 3 grown children, grandmom of 3, Bible teacher at a Christian high school, a former registered nurse with a master of science degree and seminary graduate with a master of arts degree in apologetics. 

Woman to Woman: Preparing Yourself to Mentor
By Edna Ellison and Tricia Scribner
ISBN:1-56309-949-6   WMU Product #: N054121
Retail Price: $12.99


Many Christian women believe in the biblical mandate for life-on-life discipleship of someone younger in the faith. Most women embrace this role, though, with some uncertainty about their ability to carry such a great responsibility. A biblically-based personal study, this interactive study will guide a woman step-by-step through the process of readying herself for such a relationship. The mentor-to-be will evaluate her own gifts and how they can be used in mentoring, examine the different roles of a mentor, and avoid the dangers common to mentoring relationships.

Seeking Wisdom: Preparing Yourself to Be Mentored
By Edna Ellison and Tricia Scribner
ISBN: 1-56309-740-0
Retail Price: $12.99 plus S&H


Many women long for a spiritual mentor. This comprehensive how-to guide shows you where to look for a mentor, how to ask someone to mentor you—and what to do if she says “no,”—how to establish mentoring roles, bridge age gaps and foster emotional intimacy in the relationship.

*Though this book is out of print it is still available from the author at and from Amazon!

Unity in Diversity: Rising Above Our Differences
By Tricia Scribner
WMU Product Number: W054107    ISBN: 1-56309-902-0
Retail Price: $10.99


Do you ever wish for more unity in ministry among the women in your church? Find out what it means to have biblical unity, what hinders genuine unity, and what you as one woman can do to become a catalyst for unity for Jesus’ sake.

*Also find a free downloadable group study guide for Unity in Diversity at!

A Month of Miracles: 30 Stories of the Unmistakable Presence of God
By Marie Alston, Joy Brown, Edna Ellison, Cherie Nettles, Tricia Scribner, and Kimberly Sowell
WMU Product Number: N084135  ISBN:1-59669-209-1
Retail Price: $14.99


Written by a group of women conference leaders, this book contains 30 warm and inspiring true stories that celebrate God’s miraculous nature and His almighty sovereignty in everyday lives. The book includes study questions, making it perfect for individual or group study.

A Passion for Purpose: 365 Daily Devotions for Missional Living
By Kimberly Sowell, Edna Ellison, Joy Brown, Tricia Scribner, and Marie Alston
Product Number: N094137    ISBN: 1-59669-242-1
Retail Price: $16.99


These missional thoughts, drawn from the five authors’ lives, challenge women to consider their communion with God, their understanding of Scripture, their worldview, their relationships across cultures, and how they communicate the gospel, all from a mission-driven perspective.

*Newly released in November 2010!

Message DVDs: Tricia has two favorite messages on DVD! Each is $10.00 plus S & H.

Sister Synergy: the perfect companion to Unity in Diversity. Learn how to foster biblical unity among women.




The Father’s House: Learn what heaven is like and how to get there! One of Tricia’s most-loved message on heaven.

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