The question of what happens to those who have never heard the gospel message after they die is a question that concerns both Christians and non-Christians alike. If they go to hell, it seems as though God is unfair. After all, they never had the opportunity to respond to the truth. If they go to heaven, then why do scriptures such as Acts 4:12 say that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation? Further, why would Jesus have had to die on the cross if it were possible to make peace with God and receive eternal life apart from faith in Christ? This seminar discusses various views on the question such as pluralism, inclusivism, implicitism, exclusivism and explicitism.

The PowerPoint presentation contains all slides presented at Lee Park Baptist Church on September 7, 2019, plus three extra slides presented during the Question and Answer. The slides are in PDF format, so no media is available. The clips of Oprah, Only One Way, and Billy Graham are available on YouTube.